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Centre Pompidou-Metz, Shigeru Ban Architects

Kidbrooke – Phase 1

A-C-Ds drawing office was contracted to design and draught Architectural Metalwork Packages which included balconies, privacy screens, podium balustrading, terrace balustrading, roof parapet rails, access ladders, car park entrance gates, window guard grills, alum coping flashings, glazed canopies, lift shaft vent grills, stair core balustrading & handrails.

Kidbrooke Balconies GA01

Kidbrooke Car Park Grills GA04

Kidbrooke Parapet Coping GA28

Kidbrooke Podium Balustrade GA49

Kidbrooke Stair Balustrade GA56

Kidbrooke Stair Balustrade GA57