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Centre Pompidou-Metz, Shigeru Ban Architects

Tekla Structures and AutoCAD

A-C-D utilises Tekla Structures and AutoCAD packages to create 3-dimensional models for your project. This advanced technology enables effective component 3D modelling and detailing of Structural Steelwork and Architectural Metalwork such as feature staircases, canopies, glazed balconies, balustrading etc.

A-C-D commences your project by importing structural and architectural engineering drawings along withsite survey data, combining and coordinating existing and new design elements within the project.

A-C-D will create your 3D model using multi-materials mode (stainless steel, steel, aluminium, glass, concrete, timber etc.) to build accurate, intelligent and data-rich 3D model content. This will provide a visualisation of the structure and ensure that any design issues are resolved before manufacturing commences as well as coordinating with existing site conditions.

The benefit of creating a Tekla 3D model is that it provides a draughtsperson with a better visualisation of the project and produces an integrated system linking the production drawings to the 3D model elements. This system can generate CNC data (DSTV) reducing the amount of manual work as well as the risk of production error.


Tekla is not only a powerful software package for Structural Engineering but also for the Architectural Metalwork Industry.